Address: Trg oslobođenja 7, Kulpin
Phone: +381 (0)21 22 86 266

Agricultural museum in Kulpin, as the only specialized museum institution in the country for study and research of agrarian past, was established in 1993. Agricultural Museum in Kulpin includes the complex of “Kaštel” and “The Old Castle”, which is under the state protection as a monument buildings and is built 1863. The complex is situated beside the two castles, administrative buildings, so called blacksmith shop, stables and grain storage. The museum is surrounded by a magnificent park of 4.5 hectares, which is a natural monument-arboretum of rare and protected plant species. Park within the manors is used to represent a first-rate artwork of horticultural and garden art. The Museum organizes permanent thematic and temporary exhibitions.
The year of construction of the castle within the complex of Djoka Dunđerski is not known. Historical data show that they were built for the noble family Stratimirović. In 1745 Maria Theresa donated the family this estate for their services in the war against the Turks on the side of Austria. Family Stratimirović had been the owner of the land in Kulpin about 120 years. At the end of the nineteenth century (1889) it became the property of the estate of family Dunđerski. They were the owners until 1945, when the property was nationalized. Regarding its style and the time of construction both buildings belong to the epoch of Classicism. Great castle “Kaštel” was given its present appearance during restoration in 1912. A small castle called “Old Castle” is a ground-floor building in the same style.

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