CASTLE “BABA PUSTA” – Aleksa Šantić

Palace of Karolj Fernbach, better known in literature as ‘Baba Pusta’, is in Aleksa Šantić and although in a very bad condition, it was declared a cultural property. It was built in 1906-07. according to the project of a Hungarian architect of secession style approach, Hikisch Reszo. It is located in the center of today neglected park, which used to be arranged based on the principle of English gardens as a free building with an emphasized entrance facade with portico and a square bell tower at one side. The base of the building is built in an elongated rectangular with a square portico on the main facade an a semi-circular terrace on the rear facade. A small family rectangular chapel with a semi-circular apse and spherical sector, located in the left wing of the ground floor, is unusual. The expressed functionality of the buliding can be seen in the base and the arrangment of premies, while in the formation of interior one can see the reduced stylish and ornamental repertoire. The architekt managed to put in accord in an extraordinary way, the actaul principles of secession with the needs of the owner.

04. 12. 2012.