CASTLE “ILION” – Sremski Karlovci

Address: Patrijarha Rajačića, Sremski Karlovci

The palace of Baron Rajačić was built in the first half of the 18th century (1836-1848), and its present look it gets in 1920. Baron Rajačić bought the building from the Mioković-Hadži family, and he renovated it in 1856, according to the plan of Sidek, an architect from Vienna. The carriage gate represents a separate object, on which the Rajačić crest can be seen right under the triangular tympanum. Above the upper window in the middle it says: “Ilion”. The palace overlooks the space which used to be a beautiful park, but has recently been transformed into a lawn, towards Železnička Street. Inside the yard there is a drinking fountain Patrijarhovac, dedicated to The Epiphany, built in 1864. The palace is located in Patrijarha Rajačića Street. The building foundations are in the shape of the capital “T” letter, which middle arm is not symmetrical, whets more it is too short compared to the main rectangular part of the basis. The facade of the first floor has three outages, and the middle part is crowned by the roof to six waters, which dominates the facade.

Nowadays the building is transformed into The Town Museum of Karlovci, with the ethnological collection of artifacts, a room and a kitchen from the end of the 19th century. During the visit in April 2007, the museum was under reconstruction. The palace represents a historical monument of great importance.

The castle is currently closed for visitors!

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