CASTLE “ŠLOS” – Golubinci

Address: Golubinci

Castle was built based on the design of Florian Madocsnui in 1777. It was built for the officers families’ of the Military Border needs, as “The Administrative Building in Golubinci” as it was quoted in the building design.

By purpose and architectural conception the buildings could be classified as dedicated facilities that were designed for military purposes or as residences of officers temporarily deployed in the military command. According to the inner part and the outer appearance, processing and details, it has all the characteristics of the object of military – border architecture. The castle is free-standing multi-story building rectangular at the basis. The interior looks monumental because of the stone fence on the stairs. Except the stone frames of doors and windows, the facade is done in mortar plastic.

Besides architecture, the castle has historical value because Karadjordje Petrović stayed in it in 1813. The building was renovated several times but the basic concept was not undermined. Last renovation was initiated in 2007. The castle is a monument of the great importance.

The castle can be visited by prior call ahead!