Address: Mirka Laćarca 9, Vrdnik
Phone: +381 (0)63 76 89 070

Vrdnik is well known for its thermal water springs and beautiful, clean, fresh air.

Its location, on the very slopes of the National park of “Fruška gora”, provides great opportunity for active vacation, hiking, walking, and visiting many of the old monasteries, a true gem of Serbian and christian orthodox culture and heritage.

“Ilkićev kućerak u Sremu” (Ilkić House in Srem) is an old 19th century house, renovated and turned into a tourist attraction.
It offers modern facilities along with authentic architecture, all blended to compliment one another. You can enjoy the spirit of old times, while benefiting from modern comfort.

There is a two-room, five bed suite, with fully equipped kitchen and terrace, as well as a wine cellar and a restaurant which can seat 50 guests.

Two more two-bed suites are in construction, as well as a special suite for your pets.

12. 09. 2014.