Address: Glavna ulica 25, Bečej
Phone: +381 (0)21 6915 765

The City Museum in Bečej was founded in 1953, and the following year the “Art Colony of Becej” is formed. As a result of its performance in 1956 the gallery was established at the Museum. Since the same year, the City Museum and Gallery Bečej has been the official name of this institution. The present name was given in 1990.The City Museum Bečej is a museum of native complex type. Only the Municipality of Bečej is under its jurisdiction. It is an ethnological, art, applied, numismatics and natural collection, with fund of approximately 10 000 items. The art collection, consisting of work of art done by Uroš Predić and a number of portraits and icons of the nineteenth century, has been enriched by the works of artists who have stayed in the Colony, as well as of Milan Konjović, Milan Kerac, Paul Blesić, Ankica Oprežnik, Jožef Ač and many others.

The permanent exhibition at the museum, which was opened in 1973, was closed to the public after twenty years, except the settings in “Karbodioksid” factory, where the medieval village Terlek was presented .

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After the notice is given in advance regarding the visit, an emergency duty is organized in any other term.

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