Address: Veljka Dugoševića 102, Ruma
Phone: +381 (0)22 471 212, +381 (0)22 474 987, fax:+381 (0)22 473 979

The City Theatre of Ruma was established in 1994, with aim to act through creative actions in the fields of culture.

It cherished the classical access to the theater, especially until the foundation of the TREMA festival in 1998. That was the year when our theater made a turn and expanded its actions in all areas of civil initiatives.

It brings together, in six sections, about 100 active members, co-operates and works on the education of its artistic directors. Several workshops have been initiated. Working with the target groups the theater covers the topic which are of great importance for local community.

Within the projects “THEATER in the SERVICE of EDUCATION”, the fight against drug and alcohol abuse as well as AIDS, the theater also conducts educations through the play VIRUS”.

Every year, in march, the city theater organizes the festival of authorial projects THE TREMA FEST, the theater review of European multicultural action with the support of the Secretariat of Education and Culture ,Assembly of Ruma Municipality and Cultural Center of Ruma.