Address: Koče Popovića 34, Neštin
Phone: +381 (0)21 769 011

The Country House in Neštin presents a developed type of a country house which was characteristic for the Srem region in the seventeenth century. The house is rectangular in plan, with narrow side facing the street, but deeply recessed from the street boundary lines in the yard. Because of the terrain, plot of the garden is asymmetrical, so the house is freely set up in the location. It is characterized by three vertical levels: basement, ground floor and attic. As it was built on a slope, the basement is set under its front part, and both the house and foundation of the house were made of broken stone. The walls were built in two level (bondručna) structure filled with wattle, and a gabled roof covered with reeds. The house is a three-part house, with the traditional formation of rooms sequence: room – kitchen – bedroom. In the kitchen an open area fireplace is preserved.

The specialty of the house represents the corridor (gong) decorated with wooden pillars not only on the court-yard facade, but also on the street facade, and on a small porch on the front gable as well.

The house is now owned by the Provincial Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments.