In the center of the city on the 33.695 m2, between Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard and streets Ivo Lola Ribara, Dunavska, Ignjata Pavlasa and Jovana Djordjevica, the Danavski Park is situated. With over 250 plant species Dunavski Park has became the most regulated and most beautiful park of Novi Sad. At this location in the 19 century was Liman, branch of the Danube, covered with reeds and willows. The terrain was much lower than surrounding areas because the land was used to build embankments along the Danube riverside.
When it was determined that the park needs to be arranged, at the first, dirt was poured in the depressions with muddy-sandy ground. Only at the lowest elevation, 76 meters above sea level, the other pond, which has been built later, and emerged the lake, a small island, called “Erzsebet”, where the weeping willow planted in memory of the Austro-Hungarian Empress murdered in year 1898th.
A special joy and delight for the youngest citizens of Novi Sad are couple of swans, Isa and Bisa and ducks that live at the lake from early spring to late autumn.

At the entrance of the park, from Dunavska Street, is a fountain, “Girl with a horn of plenty”, the work of the first Serbian trained sculptor Djordje Jovanovic. In the park there are monuments of Djuro Jaksic, St. Sergius Radonješkog, Branko Radicevic and Miroslav Antic.
According to the methodology of evaluation of parks, Dunavski Park is in the first category as a particularly valuable park. State of Serbia stated this park as a protected natural monument.

Text is taken from: www.turizamns.rs

06. 02. 2013.