The Golf Center is located in the most peaceful part of the Vojvodina plain, leaning on the right bank of the Pannonian beauty Tisa, in the immediate vicinity of the Imperial Hunting Ground and Imperial Pond. It is located directly along the main road Novi Sad–Zrenjanin, in the municipality of Žabalj, and only 100 km away from Belgrade, 30 km from Novi Sad, 130 km from Subotica and 10 km from Zrenjanin. The Tisa, the pearl of the Vojvodina plain, in this part of its navigable waterway, is surrounded by serene pastures and rich fish ponds, which in many ways adorn and complete the ambiance of the Golf Center. The Golf Center covers an area of 45 hectares. Within this complex there is a golf course with 9 fields 2701 m long (5402 m) and a pair 36 (72), driving range with arranged and equipped training boxes, putting green, chipping green, pitching green and a club house with reception, club hall, members office and a terrace located at the heart of the Golf Center. The terrain is made according to global standards, starting from design, irrigation systems (Hunter), grass mixtures, to natural and artificial golf obstacles (lakes, sandy obstacles, plantings, biotope). The terrain is extremely interesting and requires maximum concentration and precision. Anyone who makes first steps on the golf course in this field will be able to compete at any terrain in the world.

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08. 05. 2019.