ETHNO MANSION “ZMAJ OD NOĆAJA” – Mačvanska Mitrovica

Address: Cara Lazara 3, Mačvanska Mitrovica
Phone: +381 (0)22 650 077, +381 (0)64 21 58 223, +381 (0)63 556 450

On the right coast of the Sava river, in Macvanska Mitrovica, nearby Sremska Mitrovica you can came across ethno mansion ”Zmaj od Nocaja“. Placed a hundred metres from the regional road Mitrovica-Sabac and nearby archealogical excavations Sirmijum on one and nature reserve Zasavica on the other side there is place that you should by all means see. There you can take a rest and recreate an learn more about rich cultural heritage of this part of Macva and Srem.
Ethno mansion “Zmaj od Nocaja” is named after famous duke from the First Serbian Uprising, Stojan Cupic, whose life and heroic achievements are connected to this part of Macva. There is a monument dedicated to this famous duke in the churchyard in the village of Salas Nocajski. Cupic family still charish remembrance of their famous ancestor.
Three new objects are built in household of Svetislav Cupic in order to develop village tourism. All buildings are built of brick, wood and covered with tile. Decorative elements and pieces of architectural designs are made in spirit of medeival fortresses and ethnic architecture.
There is a one-storey building built to accommodate guests on the north side of the backyard. There is a ground-floor house next to that building for serving guests. There are exhibited male and female national costumes from Macva.Windows, tables and chairs are covered with curtains, fabrics and table-cloths from these regions.
There is one-storey building built for keeping, preparing and serving food on the west side of the backyard. Objects and dishes used for preparing food in a traditional village household of this area are exposed on the ground-floor where are stoves. On the first floor there is a wide balcony built for serving guests. This space is also used: for the purpose of regional artists’ exhibitions.There is an indoor room on the first floor decorated with objects that deal with the owner’s life. In the other room there are exhibited photos and other objects referring to dukes from the First Serbian Uprising.
Ehxibited objects are origin objects of traditional lifestyle and creativity of Macva and the owner wants to promote cultural heritage of this area by them.
Historical importance and family bonds with Macva’s duke, Stojanom Cupicem, Zmajem od Nocaja is very important so that one of the rooms is dedicated to him.
In hard times of First Serbian Uprising, Stojan Cupic, as a good orator and a man of honour played a very important role. His human qualities emerged when he accomodated and protected Serbian refugees from Bosnia in the hardest moments. As a sign of gratitude, poet Filip Visnjic wrote songs about his bravery. Hospitality of Stojan Cupic is showed in a sentence: “Neither take, nor leave but give“ and even today this is the example of human unselfishness and guide line to his descendant.

translation Marija Trifunovic