Address: Oslobodjenja 3, Male Pijace
Phone: +381 (0)63 84 88 930

Ethno house “Kod Kiriša” is located in the north of Bačka in Male Pijace, just 10 minute drive both from Horgoš, and Palić.

It used to be an economy house and this ethno house is made from charge. It was renovated in 1929, and it has been over 100 years old. In a clean room the maiden dowry as well as the furniture from the 1900 are located. In addition, there is a dining room with the furniture from the 1930s and one of the rooms is decorated in the spirit of the period between 1945-1990.

It has a large courtyard with a well, next to that, a football field and fair place. The local fairs are famous all over Vojvodina.

Here you can drink cherry brandy and apricot of unforgettable taste, because this fruit is grown on our sand soil . Food and drinks are domestic, by taste of the famous Hungarian cuisine. The stew is cooked with potatoes, and beef and mutton stew are cooked in the old fashioned way in a kettle over a low heat. In addition, pasta with cottage cheese and cabbage salad are served. As a delicacy donuts, strudels, cookies, or other Vojvodina specialties are served. Food can also be ordered a la cart. There is a possibility of tasting of goat milk products of superior quality from nearby agricultural economy owned by Emil Kenjereš.

If you are traveling to the West, or if you are returning via Horgos, if you have the whole day walking in Palić, drop by for lunch or dinner with us, to go back in time, in silence, to live a little under the influence of bygone life.

Pets and children’s groups of school and preschool age are welcome. Beside the sports activities they can look at a variety of crop equipment, to see what cattle-breeding was like a100 years ago, as well as today.

The house is only open for pre-booked group visits.

We are located between Palić and Horgoš by the old E5 road.

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