The tradition of fishing in Vojvodina is longstanding. In the Middle Ages, entire villages in the Danube region lived off this activity. Perhaps this is where the the Vojvodinians get their passion for fishing from to this day. This hobby and sport demands natural conditions. There is almost no region of Vojvodina without some body of water – river, meander, canal, lake or pond – at the same time a fishing destination. The ideal destinations for fishing tourism are on the lakes: Moharač, Kudoš, Šatrinici, Dobrodol, Peskara, Tresetište. This is where mostly carp and pike perch are caught. On the Danube (Apatin, Susek), Sava and Tisa rivers, mostly pike perch and catfish are caught. Almost all Vojvodina municipalities have natural conditions fitting for fishing. In Novi Sad, the favorite spot for fishing is close to the ŽeželjBridge, in Sombor it is at Čonoplja Lake, fifteen kilometers from Sombor, then Monoštor marsh, and Bezdan. In the municipality of Indjija, fishing is on the Danube and Jarkovac Lake. One of the most famous fishing areas is Kovilj, more specifically “Tikvara”, “Šlajz” and “Arkanj”. In Žabalj, the favorite place for fishing is the river Jegrička, while in Srbobran, fishermen enjoy fishing at the Great Bačka Canal, the river Krivaja and Beljanska pond. When talking about fishing on Lake Palić, it is allowed on the west shore, then on Omladinsko and Ludaš lakes.

For more information on fishing in Vojvodina, please contact the Fishing Association of Vojvodina (021/6411974)


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08. 05. 2019.