GALLERY ”AHOJ” – Bački Petrovac

Address: Narodne revolucije 17, Bački Petrovac
Phone: +381 (0)21 781 614

In the municipality of Bački Petrovac, located in the southern part of Bačka, an association “Ahoy” has been existing for many years as an artistic, spiritual and economic meeting place of Vojvodina Slovaks. It is engaged in preserving and fostering the development of traditional crafts and handicrafts, keeping traditional dishes and healthy environment, education, rural development, organizing school of traditional crafts and workshops, producing souvenirs and stimulating rural tourism bringing together artists, artisans, farmers and all interested residents.
In the “Ahoy” premises a school of traditional crafts started with its work. The vision is based on restoring the old glory and rapid development of nearly forgotten crafts, and the gallery “Ahoy” provides an opportunity for tourists to come to the original objects of great craftsmanship beauty and authentic values. If they want to, with the help of instructors, they may themselves be involved in drafting of desired objects -souvenirs.
The association “Ahoy” established the Gallery – “ethno-corner” in the centre of Bački Petrovac with works of applied art based on the Slovak cultural heritage. The objects of corn stalks are made. It is been being drawn on glass, knitted, woven on a loom, embroidered and decorated tablecloths and pillowcase. Decorative brooms are made as well. Extremely fertile plain on which Bački Petrovac lies, caused the core business of the locals. One of the most famous Farm products and – sorghum broom thus the people arm Petrovac are among the largest broom exporters in Europe. Brooms at the “Ahoy” association are of different sizes, decorated with aprons and interesting details.

28. 10. 2012.