In the central part of Tisa area on the south of Serbia, in the heart of Vojvodinian plain, there is Bečej. The typical Panonian town with about 37.000 inhabitants is 130 km far from Belgrade, or 50 km from Novi Sad.

The natural geographical conditions allowed high degree of agriculture development and also the food industry. Bečej is also very important cultural centre of the region.

The archeological founds show the continuity in settlements in this part of Panonian plane since the pre- historic age, and the first written mentioning of Bečej`s name goes back to 1091.

Very good relief allowed the expansion of tourism, mainly hunting and fishing. The rich sports tradition with a big reason gave Bečej the name – Sport`s city. The main tourist attraction of Bečej is the castle “Fantast”.

This huge castle was built by Bogdan Dunđerski in 1923. on his land. The castle is surrounded by beautiful park where is also the Chapel dedicated to St. Đorđe.

Bečej is hostile city, with the open heart, full of love and tolerance.

Settled places in Bečej community are: Bečej, Bačko Gradište, Bačko Petrovo Selo, Mileševo, Radičević and Poljanica.