Where the right bank of Danube laves the slopes of Fruška Gora and the left bank washes the vast Pannonian plan, a town called Beočin found its place. The territory of this Srem’s municipality stretches across 183 square kilometres with 15.630 inhabitants (2011 census).

Beside Beočin, there are Rakovac, the Beočin village, Brazilija, Čerević, Banoštor, Sviloš, Grabovo, Susek and Lug. The municipality is one of the most industrially developed in Vojvodina, thanks to the Beočin’s cement factory which was founded in 1839. This factory is the oldest in the Balkans and one of the oldest in Europe. The significant portion of Beočin’s economy belongs to the private enterpreneurship. Over 1000 workers are employed in more than 450 private production, service and craft companies.

The national park Fruška Gora is one of the greatest woodlands and possesses extraordinary beauty. Very ambitious plans for the development of tourism have been developed, with the special focus on tourist reanimation of the Danube river by building a marina and tourist settlement. This would widen the tourist offer, as well as the existing accommodation in the Andrevlje hotel situated on the Fruška Gora. A very favourable climatic conditions is suitable for vine and fruit growing which make this area a developed agricultural region. If we are talking about agriculture, wheat and maize are the most dominant cultures. There are also three very succesful co-ops: Čot in Beočin, Grozd in Banoštor and Susek in Susek. Beočin is also the city of sports and youth. Football, basketball, handball, judo, karate, table tennis are all organized by clubs, a meeting place of people of all ages, whether they are competing or playing sports recreationally. Beočin also has a Cultural centre where theatre, film, music, library, radio and professional education activities are carried out. The centre was opened in 1987 and offers excellent conditions for culture rustlers. There are two historical monuments on the Beočin territory, two “pearls of Fruška Gora” – monasteries Rakovac and Beočin.

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Address: Svetosavska 25, Beočin
Phone: +381 (0)21 870 260, +381 (0)64 85 53 331 (Dubravka Klisanić), факс: +381 (0)21 870 268