The Čoka municipality stretches across 321 square kilometres and is situated in the northern part of Banat, close to the state border with Hungary and Romania. 13.835 inhabitants of diverse ethnic structure live in 8 settlements.
The municipality has favourable geostrategic position because it is connected with other parts of the country by road and railway, as well as the river Tisa. Čoka is an integral part of Banat, positioned in Danube 21 Euroregion, i.e. in the DKMT region (Danube-Kris-Mures-TIsa).
The municipality’s economy is going through intial stage of privatization, with the very low number of employees and companies which are mostly in receivership. However, the municipality is investing a lot of effort into preservation of few remaining brends which will be the backbone of the future trade game and development of tourism as the main economic branch.
The sport organizations and sportsmen of the municipality and the city of Čoka have contributed to the validation of the Serbian sport by winning many medals in international, European and world championships. Thanks to their diverse national and cultural structure Čoka’s organizations of culture have organized many quality traditional cultural events of regional significance. The municipality’s tourist offer, which is incorporated into the Banat’s tourist offer, is the following:
  • Čoka winery with its beverage production and hotel & catering services
  • Hunting on the very abundant hunting grounds
  • Nature’s reserve with the protected species like the well-know specie of bustard
  • Fishing on the river Tisa, the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, the Zlatica river and the Tisa pond
  • Rural and eco-tourism, with modest accommodation
  • Sports’ and culture tourism
  • Castles, granges and religious objects
  • Transit and nautical tourism.