According to the last census, the Ruma municipality has 54.141 inhabitants and covers an area of 587 square kilometres (with 43.270 hectares of agricultural land). The municipality’s centre is in Ruma which has 32.000 inhabitants.

Ruma is famous for its musical and folklore festivals, art colony and achievements in sports. In the close proximity to Ruma there are monasteries on the Fruška Gora, excursion sites, as well as quite a few artificial lakes.

The public utilities in 16 settlements and the city of Ruma are good. The towns and villages are connected by modern roads.

Settlements of Ruma Municipality are Buđanovci, Vitojevci, Voganj, Grabovci, Dobrinci, Donji Petrovci, Žarkovac, Klenak, Kraljevci, Mali Radinci, Nikinci, Pavlovci, Platičevo, Putinci, Ruma, Stejanovci, i Hrtkovci.

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