The territory of Temerin community is situated in south – east part of Bačka. On east it borders Žabalj community, on the north with Srbobran community, on the west is Vrbas community and on the south Novi Sad. Very big influence in developing the Temerin community, had the close position to the most developed economic centre in Vojvodina – Novi Sad. Temerin community has the surface of 170 km2 and has the shape of the irregular trapeze lying in the position northwest to southeast. Longer axis, witch matches the direction Sirig – Temerin, 14 km long, and the shorter axis in the direction Bački Jarak – Temerin 11 km long. The borders of the community are artificially pulled lines and have the straight direction. The only natural border is in the northeast part because it follows the river Jegrička. In the southeast part the border is pulled by the levee called Roman ditch II. The whole territory of Temerin community, compared to other relief shapes in Vojvodina, is situated in the south Bačka terrace and gives the impression of almost complete plain. On the north part of the community flows Jegrička with a few channeled tributaries. There are also found thermo mineral waters. The ground is very similar in every part and the fertility is very high. The most usual are many sorts of black earth and only near the water there are some kind of partly or completely salted earth.

Temerin community has only three settlements: Temerin, Bački Jarak and Sirig, and the territory is divided into four register communities: Temerin, Bački Jarak, Sirig and Kamendin. Geographical position of Temerin community is very good. There are three important roads intersecting in the community. The most important is the international E- 75 road which leads from Novi Sad to Subotica and then to Hungary. This allows the community to have good communication with big city centers in Serbia like Belgrade and Novi Sad. Life style ask for relaxing and spending some time in nature and Temerin and its surrounding offer the ideal possibilities for this kind of relaxation. Welcome!