The Žitište municipality is situated in the spacious plain of mid-Banat, some 18 km north-east of Zrenjanin. It borders with the Sečanj, Kikinda and Nova Crnja municipalities as well as Romania. The municipality has the shape of an irregular trapeze, in the centre of which there is the Old Begej Canal. Žitište covers an area of 525 square kilometers. The total length of the transport network is 125 km, with 99 km of regional and 26 km of local roads. The Žitište municipality has 16.786 inhabitants and 12 settlements: Banatski Dvor, Banatsko Karađorđevo, Banatsko Višnjićevo, Begejci, Međa, Novi Itebej, Srpski Itebej, Ravni Topolovac, Torda, Čestereg, Hetin i Žitište.
It is mostly agricultural territory, with special emphasis being put on hunting. Fishing is developed on the streamlets and the Old Begej river. There is also the pheasant farm nearby.