GRANGE “RUŽA MAJUR” – Bački Vinogradi

Address: Segedinski put 123, Bački Vinogradi
Phone: +381 (0)63 600 639

The Grange “Ruža Majur” spreads on area of six hectares close to the Special Nature Reserve “Selevenjske pustar”. The complex of buildings, water surfaces, meadows and reeds exude irresistible harmony and simplicity.
In this paradise we invite nature lovers and fans of local flavor. In the realm of poplars, weeping willows, storks, falcons, fish and turtles, with bird song and croaking frog concert, sun and breezes, magnificent colors of autumn and the glistening snow, in order to slow down time momentarily along with the smells and tastes of foods from rural stoves, roasted and grilled, from the pot or under “sač” , to take a little break from the modern world.
The Grange “Ruža Majur” welcome visitors throughout the year. Within the scope of our events, providing services to organized tourist groups and the renting of available capacities are at service to our guests. Grange offer is available within four facilities: open terraces, ethnic restaurants, rural houses and a wine cellar.

12. 02. 2014.