Address: Cara Dušana 7, Žitište
Phone: +381 (0)23 827 039, +381 (0)63 813 9861

The municipality of Žitište has a very rich offer and a long hunting tourism tradition. Hunting associations exist in every populated area, and there is also an attractive choice of hunting offers especially for foreign guests. Hunting grounds are managed by the association “Stari Begej Žitište,” which consists of 10 sections, having over 600 members. The Association has modern hunting lodges suitable for the accommodation of hunters. Hunting ground has a number of hunting-technical facilities and thereby hunting has been greatly facilitated. Wild boar, roe deer and red deer are being hunted, namely, only taking pictures of a red deer is allowed. Hunting ground is rich with hares. It is known that, besides regular hare shooting, hares are also being entangled for selling to other hunting grounds due to exceptional genetic hare potential from this area. Except hares there are other species in the hunting ground: pheasant, partridge, quail, mallard, greylag goose, snipe, duck and other waterfowl. There are also predators :fox, badger, and more recently in some parts of hunting grounds jackal has appeared.

Hunting season starts on April 16 with trophy deer hunting opening, and afterwards is continued with selective breeding hunting. The quails season begins on August 1 which on their way from Northern Europe to Algeria find a habitat in our region. The hunting is very attractive because hunters have the opportunity to shoot out a lot more cartridges than in other types of hunting because of the large numbers of quails which can be found in the area during this period.

The main hunting season begins on October 16, so our hunters have the opportunity to welcome many friends from our country and abroad. Large number of hare and pheasants provides guests with an extraordinary sense of hunting. Shooting rates are in accordance with the price list of the Hunting Association of Serbia.

24. 12. 2012.