Address: Jožefa Atile 79, Palić
Phone: +381 (0)24 753 276 (Majkin salaš), +381 (0)24 753 032 (Cvetni salaš, vila Lira)

Majkin salaš is located in the vicinity of Palić settlement, in the middle of an orchard. It is a typical Vojvodina-style farmhouse, where traditional food, home-made brandy, local wines and local folk music are offered. Guests are also offered other activities, such as carriage ride, fishing etc.


Cvetni salaš

Located in the countryside, it consists of 15 comfortable rooms (**), an outdoor swimming pool, a meeting room, sauna and a mini gym. Many activities can be organized here. Next to it is the  Majkin salaš restaurant – popular for its home made food.

Villa Lira

Villa Lira is located at the road leading to Horgoš border crossing and halfway between Lake Palić and Majkin salaš Ethno Park. Accommodation facility is recommended to those who come to rest, and those who are in transit.

01. 01. 2013.