Address: Đipša bb, Vizić
Phone: +381 (0)21 62 60 019

According to tradition, the monastery Divša (popularly known as Đipša) was founded by Despot Jovan Branković from Srem in late 15th century. For the first time it was mentioned in the written sources in the late 16th century. Most likely the monastery church dates back in that period. Since the beginning of World War I until 1922, the monastery had been abandoned. For a long time he monastery had been under the administration of monastery Kuveždin, and it had a short period of independence of 11 years (1922-1931). The monastery kept one piece of the Four Gospels written in the late 15th or early 16th century. During World War II, the monastery church was razed to the ground, the monastery itself ws badly damaged and the iconostasis was dismantled and carried off (partially preserved). Since 1980 the monastery has been gradually renovated so that today the monastery complex consists of the church of St. Nicholas and first quarters. The monastery is active, female.

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