Naïve art in the area of Kovačica originates back from the late 1930s, when the first painters took up painting as a hobby and without any formal education in art. The initiators of naïve art in this area are Martin Paluška and Jan Sokol. In the coming period, they will be joined by Jan Knjazovic, Jan Garaj, Martin Jonaš, Ondrej and Jan Venjarski, Mihal Bireš and, of course, Zuzana Halupova, who deserves the credit for having globally promoted Kovačica through her cooperation with UNICEF.

The Naïve Art Gallery in Kovačica was founded on May 15, 1955 as the first village gallery in the entire Yugoslavia. The main goal of the Gallery is to present and cultivate the tradition of the so-called Kovačica school of naive painting. To date, more than 60 painters have exhibited at the Gallery. Behind each of them is decades-long artistic work, and they are recognized and known, both in Serbia and abroad.

Every year, within the Gallery, an exhibition of paintings Kovačički Oktobar is organized, with the aim to show the treasure of Kovačica in a unique way. From 2017, the Naïve Caravan manifestation is organized, and all current members of the Naïve Art Gallery take part.

The brochure of the Naïve Art Gallery Kovačica was used in writing of this text.


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11. 02. 2019.