As the end of the year slowly approaches, the atmosphere is getting warmer in homes, taverns, shops, on city streets and squares, defying the weather December brings together with snow everyone is looking forward to after all. The New Year’s Eve events in the public squares will be organized in the cities throughout Vojvodina to attract as many guests as possible. Music, local cuisine, tea, mulled wine and brandy, the scent of pastries and barbecue will be in the air during the winter and on the New Year’s Eve, the most festive night of the year. Before the New Year’s Eve, calendar is packed with more than 100 events at local fairs, wine tasting events, bazaars, exhibitions, fishing competitions, Winter Fest, Ice Forest, marathon and Avalanche Risk – City Jam street competition in free style snowboarding and skiing in Novi Sad, to name but a few. Kiflijada – a dough rolls fest – in Aleksandrovo will again see more than thirty competitors representing various associations, Zasavica will mark the Mangalitsa Day (celebrating Mangalitsa breed of domestic pig), and Palić will host pork cracklings roasting competition offering entertainment and mulled wine.

More information on December events can be found here.


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04. 12. 2017.