PLACE OF BATTLE OF 1716th – Petrovaradin

Address: Petrovaradin

The battle near Petrovaradin was fought on August, 5th in 1716., between Austrian and Turk armies. The Turks were defeated and forced to go back, and Damad Ali-paša himself was deadly wounded. The Austrian army captured a lot of arms and war equipment. Eugen Savoy, well-known army-commander and even more famous diplomat, French by origin, posted in the wars against Turks, first in the battle near Petrovaradin in 1716., and then in the battle for conquering the Belgarade in the next year, after which was made the so-called Požarevac peace.

The importance of the Petrovaradin battle is even more if we know that after it the Turks, for all the times, were put away on the south of Sava and Danube. On the peak called Vezirac, between Petrovaradin, Bukovac and Karlovac there was put the monument in 1902., made of white limestone, 650 cm high, dedicated to the great victory of Eugen Savoy. From the square base the main pedestal is going up in the shape of cylinder, then it becomes thinner and on it’s peak is the cross. On the first cylinder part is engraved note in Latin. On the bottom of the cross there was the half-moon whose endings are broken today. The pedestal and the cross are decorated by different decorations and floral ornaments.

The reconstruction and renovation were done in 2006.

24. 01. 2013.