RESTAURANT “ARENA” – Iriški venac

Address: Bolnička bb, Iriški venac, Irig
Phone: +381 (0)22 461 524, +381 (0)63 333 405

It is situated on the most beautiful field of Fruška Gora, on the peak of Iriški Venac (451m), and it can be the best starting point to visitors of the values of Fruška Gora. Geographically it is situated on the cross -road of regional highway M-21 and Partizan Road which cuts the Panonian beauty, on the cross- road of air-traffic, and it is inevitable road for the mountain hikers.

Comfortably hidden in the woods of black pine tree, our restaurant can offer many meals made of wood products (mushrooms, snails, different aromatic and medicinal herbs), as well as the huge offer of game meat. We use only organic products. There are also many Mediterranean fish meals, noodles, as well as the traditional kitchen of the former state.

We have many awards, our kitchen offers great tastes to gourmands and passing by guests.

Our beautiful lawn is perfect for the family trips.

You can also enjoy in environmental and multimedia night parties.

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26. 12. 2012.