In order to experience and taste the best dishes served at the French court, you do not have to go to France, it’s enough to visit Vojvodina and some of the many farms in this area. Namely, dishes with foie gras, and especially the liver pate, represent real delicacies and enjoyment for all senses.  The tradition of keeping geese comes from ancient Egyptians, then the Romans, the Jews, and the French have perfected the way and techniques of preparing this delicacy. Foie gras was the privilege of higher social strata and served at the French court. Once the flocks of geese adorned the meadows and the areas of the Pannonian Plain, the villages were white in the clouds of geese flocks. Today, their number has diminished, but some places and farms preserve the tradition of keeping these not too demanding animals, so in the villages of Mokrin, Melenci, Telecka, the tradition of keeping geese is preserved. Geese are kept for the liver, which can reach one kilogram in force fed ducks, the goose fat which is one of the most effective natural preparations in the treatment of bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs and respiratory organs, as well as for feathers. Goose liver is a delicacy that serves as a warm appetizer and is complemented by various side dishes. Foie gras is mainly served with raspberry sauce, which is an exceptional combination of irresistible tastes. That’s why it is the right time to go to Vojvodina and experience a real explosion of tastes.

Where can you have foie gras:

Salaš 137 Grange Farm – Čenej

Zak Restaurant – Novi Sad

Piknik Restaurant – Novi Sad

Restaurant Project72 Wine & Deli – Novi Sad

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05. 04. 2019.