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Special nature reserve Gornje Podunavlje (Upper Danube) is protected natural area which covers the provinces of Apatin and Sombor, total area of 19648 ha, from Danube’s 1433 to 1367th km. In the north there is the border of The Drava national park, while on the other bank there is the Kopaonik marsh wetlands natural park and together with them it creates one of the biggest natural unities in Europe.

Constant fight of man with the nature and shortening of the powerful Danube river which has been resisting men`s need to rule all nature segments for centuries, led to the creation of the big marsh wetlands standing here in the area of Panonia plain. By building the wetland`s embankment, man made peace with the river and the protection of this area of 19648ha, helps the nature to save the part of its inheritance. A priceless treasure of the nature in this area present 248 bird species, some of which are very rare, such as white-tailed eagle, black storks, cormorants…In the same way, indigenous forests of black poplar trees, elm, black hawthorn and oak, as well as habitats of a lot of orchid species, water lilies species and other plants tell enough about this priceless natural wealth. The forest is under constant monitoring of different services which pay attention to protect this inheritance from devastation. Roads and paths leading through the forest are ideal for different ways of recreation of people from Apatin and other nature fans. Hidden sand beaches are perfect for enjoying in hot, summer days. Marsh wetlands of Special nature reserves including around 5560 ha, is the nature hatchery for about 50 species of freshwater fish among which the best known are indigenous species such as carp, perch, catfish, etc. It`s not rare to catch capital examples of fish, esp. catfish weighing over 30kg. Today, this area gives special possibilities for angling on the Danube and its meanders, branches, still water.

Reserve is managing by the public enterprise “Vojvodinašume”.

For fishing license, please contact the Association of Fishermen “Bucov”.
Address: Danube 5, Apatin
Telephone: +381 (0) 25 773 984

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