Address: Ive Andrića 63, Karađorđevo
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Special nature reserve “Karadjordjevo” belongs to the municipalities of Bačka Palanka and Bač.

The reserve area covers 2955.32 hectares and consists of two separate natural entities: the area Mostonga and area of Bukinski marshland .

In this protected area, the forest area (77%) dominate noticeably. One part consists of the arable (8.56%) and water (3.74%) area. The area of other purposes includes ponds, swamps, and canals.

Natural wealth fare is characterized by slightly undulated terrain, with dynamic micro relief, which is characteristic of marshland areas.

Bukinski marshland is under the direct influence of the Danube’s water and exists as a typical marshland -forest complex. This area is rich with: almond-leaved willow community, white willow communities, white willow and black poplar communities, poplar and narrow-leafed ash community. Bukinski marshland is a complex of biotope with optimal conditions of varied fauna survival, often rare and endangered. The area is important as a natural spawning ground of many fish species. A large number of recorded species of fish has the status of rarities.

In the Mostonga area there are: oak trees, English oak, narrow-leafed ash and elm communities. The floristic characteristics are not completely explored. The existence of different types of vegetation indicates the presence of ecosystem and floristic diversity. The natural rarities are also notified, such as : white water lily, sweet flag and others.

The ornitho fauna, consisting of 135 bird species, of which 51 species are migratory is very important to nature reserve “Karadjordjevo”. Particularly valuable are: White-tailed Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Black Stork, and Corn Crake. Also, in Bukinski marsh dwell and nest 24 bird species that are on the list of potentially endangered in Europe, and 67 bird species has the status of natural rarities as well .

The mammal fauna is represented by the presence of species of rodents, insectivorous, bats rabbits, voles, beasts and others.

A typical feature of a fundamental phenomenon reserve “Karadjordjevo” is a game species, in particular: deer, wild boar, fallow deer, mouflon, Virginia’s white-tailed deer, roe deer and a number of species of small game (savage cat, marten, fox, badger, polecat, hare , etc.).

Special Nature Reserve is managed by Karadjordjevo Military Institution “Karadjordjevo”.