When you go from Novo Miloševo, in Bočar you come staright to the Bajić castle which is on the first T-crossroad. The village Bočar and the castle Telegdijev from XIV century were bought by landowner Hertelendi Jožef in 1803. He built the second castle in the village about 1820. After his death the land was divided between his three sons Ignjac, Mikša and Karolj. At the end of the XIX century in 1890., the land was bought by brewers baron Ivan Bajić and Alojz Bajer. Bajer took the new Ignjac castle, and the old Telegdijev castle took Ivan Bajić. His older son Miloš Bajić destroyed the old castle and at the beginning of 20th century on the same place built the new residence which is today known as the Bajić castle. Baron Miloš Bajić was known as the great patron and benefactor and founder of Grammar school in Novi Sad. Today, the park behind the Bajić castle is destroyed and on its place is the football pitch and the building is locked. In Hertelendijev castle not long ago was the sanatorium, and now it is also locked. Both castles are in a very bad condition. Both are registered as the cultural wealth.

The castle is not opened for visitors!

24. 12. 2012.