Address: Fruškogorska, Beočin

The castle in Beočin was built by the Špicer family, according to the project of Steindal Imre. Ede Špicer was the owner of the cement factory in Beočin (current „Lafarge“). The old castle built in 1892 is one of the oldest cultural monuments in Beočin, and it is under the protection of state. Among not so many castles in Vojvodina, this one stands out, according to the opinion of professional public, as a unique example of secessionism, the prevailing style in European architecture. According to experts it belongs to ornate architecture, from which the famous fireplace, vitraz and ceramics have to be pointed out. According to the decision of The Government of Serbia, the old castle in Beočin got the status of a cultural monument, by which it was put under the protection of state. The only thing that was renovated was the roof. Everything else is in pretty bad condition. This building has always represented the attraction and the pride of Beočin. Today this is not the case, because this sometimes beautiful building is in a very bad state now. The older citizens of Beočin this whole complex used to call “Špicer garden”, sometime ago a very organized fenced park with the castle, where roes, deer and peacocks used to walk freely. This famous castle was an inspiration to many film directors. The movies filmed in the castle are: “Breakfast with the Devil”, “The Holy Sand”, “The Bustling City”, as well as “Boy and the Viola”, which was completely filmed in this castle. The castle and its surroundings were also used for filming the movie “Black cat, white tom”, by director Emir Kusturica.

The castle isn’t open to visitors!

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23. 09. 2016.