The municipality of Bačka Palanka has got its place on the list of world records, thanks to the largest cauldron in the world. It can feed 12,000 people and is based in “Kalos Csarda” in Bačka Palanka. Sixteen years ago, more precisely on January 13, 2002, the fish soup breaking the Guiness World Record was cooked in this cauldron. The fish stew contained 1,700 kilograms of various river fish, 150 kg of various spices, 150 kg of onion, 300 liters of cooked tomatoes, and 1,650 liters of water. The cauldron is made of stainless steel, with a volume of 4,160 liters. The low outside temperatures of -12 degrees Celsius, did not stop the people of Bačka Palanka from succeeding in their intent.

To cook this fish stew, ten chefs were engaged, who stood on the scaffolds set around the cauldron and used wooden oras to mix the ingredients for the stew.

Today, the cauldron is a tourist attraction and is owned by the Tourism Organization of Bačka Palanka. The cauldron is used as needed for the preparation of goulash and stew, but certainly represents a special feature when visiting Bačka Palanka.

When visiting this municipality, you must definitely visit “Bagremara” and “Karađorđevo” nature reserve, “Tikvara” nature part, “Karađorđevo” horse farm, the Beer Museum, and the Dunđerski Castle in Čelarevo, the Srem House Museum in Neštin.

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01. 06. 2019.