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In the second half of XIX century, with the development of historiography as the science, it became obvious that historical archives are the important source for the valid historical facts in Subotica. An example of that are the researches of Prof. in Subotica grammar school, Ištvan Ivanji, made in archive of the city administration in that time, which were successfully crowned by the full content two volumes monograph.

The archive area was formed in 1946., for Subotica and Bačka Topola, and then in 1952., it was decided, by the city government , that it has to become independent institution under the name The City State archive in Subotica. By the decision of the city parliament in 1964., the institution got its name – The Historical Archive Subotica.

The oldest document which is kept in the archive is from 1658. Until the magistrates were found (1743) there are only few documents beside it. Since that year, we can see how the kept material was growing. The documents found in the later work of different city governments is kept almost completely, and makes one of the most important and most valuable segments in our sections. The period of XIX, and surely of XX century brought the increasing of the written documents, and also the archive`s volume, found or made in archive.

The archive has the status of multi-communities archive, works among three communities – Subotica, Bačka Topola and Mali Iđoš. There is a specialized, expert library whose fund is full of books published in archivic work as well as the homeland history. This library is closed to public and can be used only by the researches of archive funds.

The primary activity of this institution is collecting, protection, research, keeping and use of registers material and archive funds. On the demand of people the archive issues photocopies, copies and certificates with the facts from the archive fund.

The archive owns 450 archive funds and collections 4794 meters long. Documents among the funds and collections belong to the middle of 17th century till today, and witness about the city and near by area, and the places which are in the territorial jurisdiction of Subotica archive as well as in the wider area. The oldest and at the same time most important funds which are kept in the archive are:

–          The Charter of the King`s city St. Marija (Subotica) (1701)1743-1778(1782)
–          The Charter of the free town Subotica 1779 – 1849
–          The city hall of the free king`s town Subotica 1861 – 1918
–          The head of the city Subotica 1919 – 1941

These funds are also mostly used in the researches. Apart the archive funds very important are the saved maps and city plans, which are kept in the collection of the plans and geographical maps 1556 – 1976.

The archive works with public and researchers from 9.30 – 13.30h, except Mondays.

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