Address: Kralja Aleksandra 62, Srpska Crnja
Phone: +381 (0)23 812 626, +381 (0)63 878 9163

The Memorial Museum of Ðura Jakšić is situated in Srpska Crnja – on the border with Romania itself. It was open in 1980, in the house of the most important artist of romanticism, which was built in typical Pennon style during the beginning of the 19th century. The family home of Ðura Jakšić represents a cultural monument of great importance. The poet and painter Ðura Jakšić (1832 – 1878) left behind him a huge gallery of portraits, around twenty icons and about the same number of compositions on the topic of medieval and current history of Serbian people. The Memorial Museum of Ðura Jakšić in Crnja has a new setting. Good quality reproductions of his most important paintings, which are kept in The National Museum in Belgrade, can be seen in Ðura’s family house in Crnja (apart from the originals, which are found in the church across the road). The choice of the most important poems and passages from the short stories has been done by the curators of The National Museum in Zrenjanin and they included them in the historical and art collection. An ethnological collection has also been formed. Within the family house in the gallery the paintings of some modern artists have been exhibited. The Memorial Museum of Ðura Jakšić is open every day from 10am to 3pm, visits are also possible during the weekend but with previous announcement.

27. 12. 2012.