Zrenjanin is a city of specific architecture, rich culture and picturesque nature. It is located in the Northern Banat District, and according to the size of its administrative territory it is the largest city in AP Vojvodina and the second in the Republic of Serbia. It got its title of a city in 2007. This is a city which history dates back to the distant 1326, when it was called Beckerek. Petrovgrad was also the name that this city carried in the past. This city of rich history covers many cultural monuments, such as the National Theater, with the building which is also the oldest theater building in Serbia, then the National Museum, the Historical Archive, the Cultural Center, numerous institutions dedicated to music and fine arts.
The architecture of this city is striking to all visitors. Some of the most important buildings are the City Hall, with its spectacular stained-glass windows, then the Theater, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Trade Academy, the Reformation Church, the Palace of Finance, today the City Museum. Zrenjanin is also a city of bridges, there are a total of ten bridges in different styles and architectural materials.
In the city itself there are three city lakes, formed by cutting the meander of the river Begej. Visitors to the city can enjoy some of the parks (County Park, Karađorđe Park, Csokliget). For tourism, the area of Ečka is particularly important, with the “Stari Begej-Carska Bara” nature reserve, the Ečka fish farm, and the numerous cultural and historical monuments, the Art Colony, the “Belo Blato” ethno village, the Ecka Castle which was ceremonially opened by a performance of the then nine year old Franz Liszt. The “Stari Begej-Carska Bara” special nature reserve provides opportunities for the development of tourism of special interests, such as photo-safari, bird-watching. At the entrance to the reserve there is an ethno complex of Tiganjica, with numerous amenities for quality relaxation.
In Zrenjanin municipality, more precisely in Melenci, there is the Rusanda Spa. The spa is located on the shore of the salt lake with the same name and consists of five accommodation facilities. Primarily health tourism is developed here, then excursions, sports and recreation, fishing, event and rural tourism.
Besides being a city rich in history, culture, architecture, natural beauty, Zrenjanin is also known for its athletes – Grbic brothers, Dejan Bodiroga, Snezana Peric, Ivan Lender, Ivana Spanovic, Jovane Brakocevic and Maja Ognjenovic.

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03. 07. 2019.