Address: Rumenka

The orthodox church dedicated to St. Peter and Paul, according to the notes from the beginning of the century, it dates from 1702. or 1704. There are some notes about the bell of Arsenije III Čarnojević, the supreme leader of Serbian orthodox church from 1737., which disappeared long ago.

The church is of the usual structure for the time and territory it was built. One long nave on the East is finished with the half –circled wall with barely noticeable but for liturgy very important chorus space on the North and South. On the West of the church is opened bell- tower where in the base is the entrance. The outer work is also usual, the church was built by brick, plastered in white with smaller windows and side entrances. The openings on the half-circled walls are decorated very rich. Roof construction is traditionally covered with pepper tiles, while under the roof wreath is rich decorated.

27. 01. 2013.