Address: Nemanjina 1, Pančevo
Phone: +381 (0)13 314 455

The city library is situated in town centre in the building which was built specially for it, with the surface of about 2000 m2. There is a very big reading room with 122 seats where are cultural and artist programs held, and special space for the exhibitions on the gallery and in the hall. The library has also very important collection of paintings by famous artists. It keeps more than 162 000 books and at the moment is receiving more than 70 serial publications. The access to the books in the lending section is free. There are catalogues by name, title, expert, subject and also the electronic catalogue (since 2001). There are more than 16 000 active members in the library. The founder and the main financier of the library is the community of Pančevo. The library does the main recording (keeps the record book) for the South-Banat district. In order to be efficient in that job, and other regular activities, there are found different sections among the House. In 1978. The library got a reward “Milorad Panić Surep” for the great work in the affirmation of the library business. The same reward was given to the librarians Verica Jeftić (1977) and Živka Ilkić (1993). The reward of the library to the life work of author from Pančevo was established in 1994. and is given every year for the best prose and poetic work in the past year. The Day of the Library and the Slava are celebrated on May, 24. The library organizes the manifestation of the May –day of the book.

Since 1994. the library organizes expert meetings dedicated to the themes about librarians and literature. The process of the electronic work was started last year. The library has 25 computers and internet. The employees are working on developing new or reviving of the old activities. By publishing the Literal topography of Pančevo (2001), after the pause which lasted for a decade, the publishing activity was restored. This year, the children section, has found the literal section for the children in primary schools.

18. 12. 2012.