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The Archive of Vojvodina was established by the decree of the Ministry of police of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians from 05. August 1926. It was established as the State archive with the task to collect and study archive documents on the areas in Vojvodina in that time- Baćka, Srem, Banat and Baranja. There is 7.902 meters of archive documents in 520 funds and collections, established since the first half of the 18. century to the year 2000. The archive`s documents found before 1918. are written in Latin, German, Hungarian, Slovenic- Serbian and Serbian, and the one that was found after 1918. in Serbian. On the decision of the Serbian Parliament in 1998., about the categorizing of archive funds, 55 of them were announced as the cultural richness of biggest importance, and 158 funds were announced as the cultural richness of big importance. The archive keeps many maps, charters and personal documents and funds.

11. 01. 2013.