Address: Glavni trg 1/II, Senta
Phone: +381 (0)24 811 037, fax: +381 (0)24 811 134

It works on the territory of five communities (Kanjiža, Senta, Ada, Bečej and Srbobran) which covers the north part of previous Crown district on the right side of Tisa.

The archive keeps the archives documents of the community and regional jurisdiction. It was found in 1952., as the City state archive. Almost 750 funds of the archive materials are available for the researchers  and all those who are interested for the historical contents. The special attention goes to the collection of the donators letters and the privilege charter and many other documents connected to the history of the town.

In the archive works the Circle of the friends of the Museum and archive “Dudaš Đula” which was found in 1961., as the association which works in publishing and care about the publications connected to the local history.

28. 11. 2012.