“SRPSKI DOM” – Sremska Mitrovica

Address: Trg Ćire Milekića, Sremska Mitrovica

“Srpski dom” is one of the most representative buildings in the town thanks to its location, dimensions and stylistic characteristics. It was built in 1895 by the Serbian orthodox parish in Sremska Mitrovica. The project of the building was made by Vladimir Nikolic, the court architect of Serbian Patriarch Georgije Brankovic. The construction works were accomplished by a constructor from Zemun, Franja Jenc. The building was created in academic style with the elements of neo-renaissance and neo-baroque. Depending on the needs and historical circumstances, diverse institutions have been situated in “Srpski dom”. At the beginning, Urban Serbian Reading House and Religious Serbian Singing Society worked in this building. These institutions had a crucial cultural and educational importance in the history of the town. Later on, the society of craftsmen, a café and a hotel were situated here.

At the beginning of the World War I, the headquarters of the Austrian army were in this building, while the church tower was used as an observation post. The bombing of the Serbian artillery on September 9th 1914 caused the fire, which destroyed much of “Srpski dom”. The cupola was destroyed. After the war, the building was renovated. A new dome was built in the shape of a church bell, which clashed stylistically with the rest of the building. Therefore, a lavish, neo-baroque cupola above a corner rotunda was built during 1990’s. Nowadays, it represents a recognizable element of the town’s panorama. The cultural institutions, such as “Dobrica Milutinovic” Theatre and “Gligorije Vozarovic” Library, are situated in the building, as well as, the Serbian orthodox parish.

27. 11. 2012.