Address: Kneza Miloša 3, Beška
Phone: +381 (0)22 570 055

The Presentation of Virgin Mary Orthodox Church changed its location a couple of times, and it has been on the current location since 1771. It is supposed that the previous location of the church was on the place of present Chapel Vodice, as a church built of wood and covered by batten. A new church was made out of stone. During the middle of the 18th century, Austrian Empress Maria Teresa conducted a planed street division of the village. In the centre of the village there was a planned location for the church, which was finished in 1771. The architecture of the church dates from the middle of the 18th century. It is typical for its classical carvings made by the famous woodcarver from Vojvodina, Pavle Bošnjaković in 1836. It is also well known for its paintings made by the great painter from Bečkerek, Jeftimije Popović in 1840. The church represents an interesting artistic unity significant for studying in more contemporary Serbian art. Sometime later (1899-1900) Dušan and Stevan Aleksić, from Arad conducted restoration on the iconostasis and the interior of the church with the addition of some new components, giving them parallel characteristics to similar works in other churches around Srem.   At the top of the iconostasis there is the original work of Uroš Predić (The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the icon of Virgin Mary and St. John the Theologian). There are about 120 icons on the walls of the temple.

The Church of Beška, like very few on this territory, has at its disposal a very rich library holdings, that can be found in the ecclesiastical and municipal library, church archive or in the choir rooms. The church has been preserved since 1973, and since 1991 it has been categorized as cultural heritage of great significance.

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