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Hunting and fishing is important tourist branch and Kovačica has a big potentials, firmly because of a good infrastructure, as well as of traditional good organization  of banding local, hunting and fishing associations. In almost all  settlements there are associations with  objects of adequate capacity and equipment for organizing hunting and fishing meetings. In the city there are well equipped sport fields like shooting range tunnels for fox hunting, fishing places and so on. The most organized is the fishing association in Debeljača by arranging and making useful Debeljača lakes, as well as by building adequate infrastructure, by excellent managing and by stocking the fish pond, building the adequate restaurant capacities and offering fish specialties. This makes the circle round the offer of fishing tourism , as in a recreative sphere as well as in economic fishing and gastronomic offer. This fishing revir is already known in Republic Serbia and is ready for organizing the competition of wide importance in this field.

During the season the hunting must be scheduled and is organized few times in a different places. No matter of quantity of catch, every  hunting is finished by group meeting, during lunch or dinner, singing and fun. There is also   the “Fox visiting”- meeting of hunters of regional importance visited by guests from Vojvodina and Serbia-organized in this area. The meeting is held every year in February, in the different parts of area. Every year in the middle of June (15.-18.), in Kovačica is organized a regional competition in shooting the clay doves. Apart from that, every hunting association in villages have their own competitions in shooting the clay doves, and the best representatives of Kovačica compete in Banat league as well. The organizer of this  manifestations is hunting association of Kovačica. In the area of Kovačica there are no big games, and ordinary  hunting season on small games is organized from October 15th to January 15th. For hunting you need a special license which is published by the hunting association of Kovačica area.

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