Address: Topovski put bb, Vršac (Tourist info)
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The Vršac Mountains , the slope of the Carpathian Mountains is with its 641 m above sea level, the highest mountain in Vojvodina and it is famous for its beneficial climate as well as many nutritional and medicinal plant species. Of the approximately 130 species of birds which can be seen here , of which 90 are nesting, there are many species that are protected as natural rarities: the Black Stork, Ural Owl, Short-toed Eagle, Mountain Colorful Woodpecker and others. Due to the richness of bird species, the Vršac mountains became the internationally significant bird habitat in Europe (Important Bird Area) in 2000

Thanks to its unique position in the Pannonian Plain, as well as the diversity of flora and vegetation, rich forest ecosystems, beautiful landscapes and vantage points, most of the forest areas of this mountain are protected as the nature park. Vršac Mountains present the excursion and recreational zone of the local population, and hunting and fishing fans will find entertainment for themselves, as there are parts of nature which are intended precisely to these activities. All those who like to replace walking with something more dynamic, this mountain offers the possibility of paragliding, as the more extreme form of enjoying in the natural surroundings.

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