Address: Njegoševa 36, Mali Iđoš
Phone: +381 (0)24 738 276, +381 (0)64 259 8215

In 1998, “Vinum Lodi” was founded according to the plans of a constructor from Temerin, Mesaros Macas. The cellar is consisted of several facilities. Oak barrels with wine are placed in an old underground cellar with arched ceiling. There is another underground cellar where the cisterns for fermentation of wine are kept.

Room for wine degustation – dinners, business meetings and all other social gatherings, space for 42 guests, equipped with a kitchen and two modern bathrooms. The degustation room has his own special classical look, the furniture is made of massive wood, there is an old fashioned oven for the winter and in the summer the room is cooled by airconditioning.

28. 11. 2012.