Alibunar municipality is situated in the south-east part of Vojvodina. The Alibunar municipality includes: Alibunar & Vršac Plain, Ilandža wetlands, Deliblatska peščara (the desert) and part of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal.

The territory of the Alibunar municpality covers ten settlements with Alibunar as the municipality’s centre. The geographical position conditioned formation of the settlements which are quite uncharacteristic, i.e. not the classical Panonnian type. The people in the Alibunar municipality are of heterogenous ethnical structure.

The E-94 international route, as well as the Belgrade – Alibunar – Vršac- Timisoara international railway, enable good communication between Serbia and neighbouring Romania, as well as the flow of tourists.

Being on the path of international route the Alibunar municipality is connected with Belgrade (56 km), Pančevo (35 km) and Vršac (33 km). This position, as well as proximity of city centres, enables the versatile tourist offers like recreational tourism, trips to the Devojački bunar (the Girl’s well), as well as hunting and fishing opportunities in the whole municipality. This offer provides a rare opportunity of going back to the nature and relaxation outside the polluted and noisy city centres.

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