The Odžaci municipality covers 410 square kilometres and is made of nine settlements (with 30.196 inhabitants):Odžaci, Karavukovo, Lalić, Deronje, Srpski Miletić, Bogojevo, Ratkovo, Bački Brestovac and Bački Gračac. It borders with the following municipalities: Sombor, Apatin, Kula, Vrbas, Bač and Bačka Palanka. The close proximity to Novi Sad is quite an important factor.
The most significant type of transport in the municipality is the road transport which is important not just because it connects towns and villages within the municipality, but because it also connects the municipality with the neighbouring ones. The most important transport connection is the Sombor-Odžaci-Novi Sad road.
If we are talking about railway, the most important route is also Sombor-Odžaci-Novi Sad, whereas the Danube is the most important waterway. The terrain of the Odžaci municipality is not vertically divided and construed very much. It is made out of the three morphological units (types): loess terrace, alluvial terrace and alluvial plain. The climate is moderately continental. In its western flow, the Danube represents the natural border between the Odžaci municipality and Croatia. There is also a ramose network of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, the Strand lake in Bogojevo and the lake in Bački Gračac.

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