Mali Idjos

The Mali Iđoš municipality is situated in Vojvodina, in the central part of Bačka, on the Corridor X route and on 100 m altitude.

The municipality consists of three settlements: Feketić, Lovćenac and Mali Iđoš. The international route E-75, as well as the main Belgrade – Subotica – State border (Horgos and Kelebia) railway which connect this part of the world with middle Europe, pass through all three mentioned villages. The distance between Mali Iđoš and Subotica in the north and Novi Sad in the south is approximately 50 kilometres, while the capital city – Belgrade is 130 km away.

The river Krivaja runs through Mali Iđoš. Larger economic centres like Vrbas and Bačka Topola are only 12 km away. The new international road E-75 passes through the east part of the municipality, across the agricultural terrain which is planned to be an industrial zone.

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