Sečanj is a border line in a plane community. It is situated in the ecological accumulative Banat plane between communities Žitište, Yrenjanin, Kovačica, Alibunar and Plandište and the state border to Romania. It covers the surface of 523 km2 with 13 settled places (Banatska Dubica. Boka, Busenje, Jarkovac, Jaša Tomić, Konak, Krajišnik, Neuyina, Sečanj, Sutjeska and Šurjan) where live about 13.282 inhabitants. In the relief of Sečanj there are three morphological parts: Banat plane, Itebej depression and Aluvial Tamiš plane. The central place in the relief has river Tamiš and the system of channels.

Sečanj community is placed in the continental climate region with the average annual temperature of 11,2 oC, and it is one of the windiest parts of Vojvodina (the south – east wind often in Vojvodina plane).

The natural favor, archeological and architectonic cultural monuments as well as the geo-strategic position give the possibility to develop the hunting tourism, sports – fishing tourism, transit tourism, sports – recreational tourism, trip tourism and staying in tourism.

The community is well infra -structurally connected to other communities, but not with the near by Romania.